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Price: USD 4.99
Version: 5.0
Release Date: August 23, 2010
Requirements: BlackBerry OS 5.0 or higher.


NewsFlash is a RSS feed reader which helps you in staying in touch with the World with latest News Updates on your BlackBerry® smartphone from your favorite websites, blogs, forums or any source that publishes RSS/ATOM feeds, virtually anywhere, anytime.


Stay in touch with the world with latest News Updates on Business, Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Top Stories or just anything on your smartphone from your favorite news source.

NewsFlash 5.0 for BlackBerry smartphones More screenshots >> 
Allows you to add and manage your favorite RSS feed bookmarks into 8 different categories:
 - Business
 - Entertainment
 - Health & Fitness
 - Sports
 - Technology
 - Top Stories
 - Travel
 - Others

NewsFlash comes preloaded with 34 bookmarks linked to RSS feeds from various prominent sources like:
1. BBC
2. Discovery News
4. New York Times
5. Reuters
6. Washington Post
7. Yahoo
and many more ...

So whether you are looking for latest market trends or recent developments in the field of medicine you will probably find a few feeds suiting your needs and if you do not find one you can create custom news feeds based on keywords using Bing, Google or Yahoo!® News Search. You can add your favorite feeds either manually or import from an OPML file.

With NewsFlash on your BlackBerry® smartphone it's like carrying an updated news paper with you that delivers only what you need.


1. Get latest News Updates on your Handheld, supports RSS, RDF and ATOM formats.
2. Read the article summary for each headline and visit the news link in your smartphone's default browser to read the complete story.
3. Supports 'Offline' reading - headlines and article summary are saved on your smartphone enabling you to read them at your convenience.
4. Share news articles by Email or PIN message with your friends.
5. Comes with 34 built-in Bookmarks related to a variety of News Topics.
6. Create custom news feeds based on keywords using Bing, Google or Yahoo! News Search.
7. Read articles automatically move down the list so that you don't have to scroll too much to reach an unread article.
8. Import feeds from an OPML file.
9. Export feeds in OPML format by email.


All the above mentioned RSS feeds are free for personal use and you are NOT paying for them. They are included only for your reference.

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